Everything in this world can bring a feeling of wonder. So many varieties of tree, animals, flowers n fishes, aloo paratha, puri, naan or roti. The same substance can be molded into so many varieties just by changing the style of making.

Imagine can u eat d same food everyday?? No right! Variety in the world is created to bring a sense of wonder in us…

Today while I was trying to push a push pin on my wall, my nails caught my attention.
gosh this life would be impossible without nails.

The nails act as such a support system for doing any work with the hands! Whether its holding a pen or typing on d touch screen..
Neither too hard not to soft… Neither too thick nor too thin!
And almost every month we get a complete new set of nails.

For ladies … Aaahhh!! Such an important asset… We Can paint it or let our creativity flow through them on them 😊
And it is positioned at such a place that ppl cant help noticing it!!
Sometimes it becomes a tool for protection… And sometimes brings love and attention 😍.

I scratch, I write, I cook, i style and so much more… All bcoz of the nails.

I wonder how life would have been without them.

Thank u god for giving me nails 💅


Read About Wonder – By Guruji (Pooja Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji) – http://srisriravishankar.org/module-slide/wonder/





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