Art of Living Ashram : Navratri 2014 Day 6

Art of Living Ashram : Navratri 2014 Day 6

It feels great and special and pampered when you reach late for the Homa because you were enjoying an extended breakfast and Gurudev arrives in the Yagnashala just as you are choosing the right seat with the best possible view of the screen and/or HIM. Guess even the bread n jam, oats, sprouts and poha were floating in the raagi finding their own place in my stomach:-) .

Within minutes I slipped into meditation. It surely must have been more than an hour. The chants in the Rudrapuja in Maha Ganapati Homa had created a sacred, meditative atmosphere pregnant with purity and devotion. The bhajans gently got me back into the world. And very soon the moment thousands were waiting for unfolded, the Ganpati bhaav. Manifestation of the Ganesh energy in Gurudev. The tightly closed eyes made HIS face look like as though the tons of divinity wanting to spread and encompass the skies was intensely packed into one body!

Droplets of amrit let down from HIS eyes onto his cheeks. I too burst out into tears overwhelmed with gratitude.

As the bhajan picked up momentum, HIS body began vibrating, HIS hips almost getting lifted off the seat! Words can never describe what it felt like to witness and experience that divine spectacle.

It took some time for the bhaav to ease out. When HE smiled and looked and waved at the crowd, though HE said nothing, my heart could hear the divine mother saying, my dear sweet child, am there to give you all the love that you want. I feel you in me as my very own. Bless you, bless you, bless you.


Jai Gurudev


Saleel Pulekar

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  1. Pure Emotions overflowing from every word. Fot those of us who are not priviledged enough to experience this magic “saakshat”, this post is simply nector!
    Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you!

  2. Pure Emotions pouring out of every word. For those of us who are not as privileged to witness this magic ‘sakshat’..these words are nectar.

    Please keep us in your prayers. Jgd!

  3. Spellbound!
    Sir, your scribbling left me in tears 🙂

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