Subah subah with Saleel Da

Subah subah with Saleel Da

Transcript of today’s Nov 8, Mumbai Group Sadhana knowledge session with Saleel bhaiya – 


Q: What are your learnings from your experience of travelling and teaching?

A: Its important to feel at home. If I go to pPune and compare it with Mumbai then things will not work. I need to accept each place and person there are feel at home there. It ultimately comes down to the 5 basic knowledge points which is a challenge. But these points are a saviour and if you don’t live them then you create a challenging situation around you.


Q: How to connect people and grow follow ups? 

 A: Even in TRM this is a common complaint that people don’t come for follow ups. As AOL has grown, it has become a race of numbers. But the course is about Human beings, we have to have a personal connection with them. It is the same with Guruji, because we feel personally connected to Him we are here. Like at the time of a child birth, 4-5 people are there to attend to the child. Similarly in the early days also people are there to take care similarly someone who has done SK, gets a new birth and 4-5 people need to be there to take care of him/her for a few months atleast. People will not come to follow ups because of a message but they will come because of their connection with you initially.


Q: How to groom volunteers? 

 A: There is no such thing as grooming. You just make them your friends.


Q: Gurudev is so much busier these days. We don’t get to meet Him easily.

A: If you encourage this thought then it will manifest. Believe for inside that He will meet you and it will happen. Also have the faith that when He feels the need He will meet me. The more comfortable you are with yourself that much more easy it will be to meet Him. The Guru reflects you.

1. More important than changing the world is “Change yourself”2. “REPOSE IN THE SELF” … Guruji’s reply to a devotee “jo tu hain so main hun, jo main hu so tu hain” .. For the divine all is one, but our small mind differentiates.


  “Jab Gyan mein ras ayega toh jeevan utsav hoga “

The weak mind gets influenced and the strong mind gets inspired.

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