Love is effortless!

Love is effortless!

Serene vibes of the ashram, subtle breeze, resplendent shining Vishalakshi Mantap as backdrop, lights off on the amphitheater stage, just the contours of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji’s face visible in the background of an extremely soft rendering of Guru Charnam Sada Bhajo, Sumeru Vasa Sada Manda Hasa, Sunaina Gyan Prakasha….is gently stretching the smile on my  cheeks as though I am tasting sweet drops of honey within my heart.

The silence of Gurudev’s meditative presence is spreading like the fragrance of incense and soothing the minds of a couple of thousand devotees sitting blissfully.

Though, feeling absolutely contented to just be here, I am both curious and in wonder, about this magical ability of Sri Sri to keep his audience captivated without speaking a single word nor even opening his eyes!

Can one even call it an ability or is it just a phenomenon of the effortless manifestation of the love that Sri Sri is.

Jai Gurudev
Saleel Pulekar

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