Corporates take to Spirituality

Corporates take to Spirituality

500 Entrepreneurs, business leaders, corporate professionals got a taste of the Technology of Spirituality in the Art of Living Excellence at Workplace program called Infusing Excellence through Inspirational Leadership – I Excel I Lead which was conducted pan India @ 25 locations from Nov 27-29.

We had 40 of them at Hotel Ramee Grand, Pune.

I simply loved conducting this program. The highlight was the online session by Sri Sri himself.

Stresses sublimated into peace,
Frowns turned into smiles.

Mind matters became Management lessons,
Logic was transcended to tap intuition.

Yoga was practiced to develop skill in action,
Sudarshan Kriya was taken as a tool to make work a celebration.

Leadership paradigms shifted from motivation to inspiration,
Secrets of building harmony in teams were learnt and also techniques of conflict resolution.

The head ejected corrupt manipulative methods and ethics found its home in the hearts of businessmen.

We learnt that excellence is a path and not the destination.

Looking forward to the next one on 2016 Jan 29-31.

Saleel Pulekar





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