World Culture Festival 2016

World Culture Festival 2016

Just think when ISIS and Taliban can plan a meet of thousands of people to plan to kill lakhs of people,why can’t good people like you and me plan to meet in millions together to SAVE our planet???

Friends, It’s now or never! The time has come for good people to come together and let the
voice of PEACE and HARMONY be heard loud and clear!

So far we have been damaging the planet in so many ways!! The Result: Innumerable Problems!

~ Pollution everywhere where even the air that we breathe has become toxic!

~ Scarcity of water with almost all reservoirs drying and there is no water left to drink!!

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~ No SAFETY OF WOMEN here with rapes, female foeticide still Huge Challenges!

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~ TREES Getting Cut down everywhere leading to Extreme Global Warming – Farmers Committing  SUICIDES. If farmers stop producing, even if you earn millions, what will you Eat??

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~ ADDICTIONS to alcohol, drugs, etc. destroying lives of LAKHS of people across the world!




Where are the SOLUTIONS???

Today Let’s DECIDE, Do we want to be Part of the PROBLEM or the SOLUTION???


Just imagine when more than 3.5 Million Positive-minded people from more than 150 Countries  would MEDITATE together, the HUGE POSITIVE IMPACT it would have on the Whole Planet!!!In Columbia, United States, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi got 1000 Meditators to practice Meditation for around a month!!

RESULT – The Crime rate of the whole city came down by more than 40 percent. The scientists doing the research were shocked and surprised with their findings & they named it ‘The Maharishi Effect’!!


With efforts of Art Of Living Yuvacharyas & Village people, 14 Rivers that had completely dried have been revived so far in Maharashtra and Karnataka Directly benefitting more than 80,000 people and lakhs dependent on them!!!


It is said in our scriptures that Charity Purifies wealth and the recommended amount of donation is 3 to 8% of our annual Income in order to maintain the economic balance in the society. This ensured that there is equitable wealth with people, Rich – Poor divide remained in check and there was Prosperity in the whole region!

Have you ever thought…
How many rural children are getting proper education in our country???
How many villages have access to even basic education system???
How many children live in villages that are being forced to work instead of going to Schools???

For every child getting formal education in the city, there are, on an average, at least 10 children in villages not having access to even basic education!

If each one of us just takes responsibility of 10 under-privileged children, don’t you think We CAN TRANSFORM THE WORLD!!!

Art Of Living runs 422 Free schools with more than 44,000 children, most of them first-generation learners. The schools provide them with Food, Transport, Books, Uniforms, etc. along with equipping them with the Best of Ancient Spiritual & Modern Scientific Education Giving Wings to their Dreams!!!


It costs Rs.10,000 per child per year (education, transport, food, medicals, uniforms, books, bags,etc. inclusive)

Can we take the Responsibility of transforming lives of just 10 children for just one year??
Can we even imagine the Blessings that these future doctors, scientists, engineers… would be giving us??

Who knows…There might be one of them who becomes a doctor and might be treating your grandson!!

Like Lord Macaulay infamously wrote a letter saying the only way we could dominate this super-prosperous country India is by breaking her traditions and spiritual belief system, now each one of us would be able to write in our diaries in Golden Letters that YES!! I contributed to Transforming the Lives of 10 underprivileged children! Then, that would be the true Victory OF Humanity on our Planet!!




Saleel Pulekar

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  1. Awesome Post bhaiya!!!
    I m coming to WCF and also going to Donate..

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