Shaping YOUNGSTERS for a better India – DSN Program

Shaping YOUNGSTERS for a better India – DSN Program

Youth has been described as the most important segment in the Indian society. Their opinions, actions and intention is what will shape India’s future. DSN is an Art of Living workshop for shaping youngsters into taking responsibility for creation of a divine society. From April 23-April 25, 29 lucky souls in Pune experienced this majestic transformation.

Within a span of just two days they had taken the initiative to organize a Fund Raiser for the Jal Jagruti Abhiyaan to aid the draught stricken areas in Maharashtra. The execution was so well that on the third day they had raised an astounding amount of Rs. 9,600.

In the workshop the participants broke various barriers that held them back from performing efficiently and effectively. Comparatively shy participants emerged much more confident. Creativity and commitment increased multi-folds. The understanding of how much more still needs to be done and could be done for the society, had seeped into everyone and they were raring to go.

Apart from the Fund Raiser, they also had spread awareness on various social issues, they presented their views on the various topics of national interest, a Cleanliness Drive was held, a visit to a hospital to meet patients enhanced the feeling of empathy, a Happiness Survey was conducted, interaction was held with the lower strata of society to understand their problems and expectation; all this just in a matter of 3 days. These transformed them into more socially conscious individuals and empowered citizens of Mother India.

The youth of the country hold the keys of its progress. Gradually the Art of Living has tapped into this resource, transforming them into agents of social change. This surely is a revolution of its kind, which is slowly but surely changing the face of the society and the nation as a whole. The time is not far off when we would truly live in a Divine society.




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  1. Awesome 😀

  2. Dsn with you @saleelpu was the great privilege to me . It was dream comes true 🙂 hope those who have missed this chance, they will grab this opportunity @rishikesh . jgd 🙂

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