The Rishi Speaks

The Rishi Speaks

After a blissful Rudrapuja, questions hardly arise. The challenge was to interview Rishi Devavrat ji on a topic as delicate as Meditation. But as the discussion ensued, I realized the bigger challenge was Rishiji’s presence, which was like a vacuum cleaner, ejecting out all thoughts from our minds.

The Rishi Speaks - Rishi Devavrat Ji - Saleel Pulekar

I was flipping from Pravritti into Nivritti and vice versa.

However, we did manage to get profound spiritual answers flavored with practicality and garnished with science.

  1. Hindi Dhyan v/s Sanskrit Dhyaan
  2. Reconciling meditation n medication
  3. Role of Ayurveda in life
  4. Turning point of Rishiji’s life
  5. Living the Master’s Grace


With lucid simplicity the abstract was distilled and served tangibly in a space of silence.

Check out the video here


Saleel Pulekar

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