Can you go Guru shopping?

Can you go Guru shopping?


Someone asked this to me:

Jai Gurudev

Saleel bhaiya.. I wanted to know your view on spiritual shopping and how it is hindrance to progress.
Many people listen and follow more than one saint. They listen to discourses of more than one Guru regularly. I feel its spiritual shopping..but am not sure if this is correct.

Pl guide.


Instead of directly answering to him, I thought of posing this question to my friends who have been on the Spiritual path for several years. It was interesting to listen to their views.

Here are a few excerpts:

  1. Following many techniques can confuse you…Remember, we went to one school, one college at a time!
  2. You can cross a river in 1 boat. Choose 1, respect all. If others are doing, let them. You don’t do it. That’s it.
  3. It’s more about the inside thing.. It’s not so much about reading, using products etc. Its more at the level of feeling.
  4. “बहुत जगह एक फुट से अच्छा है एक जगह पे 100 फुट जाये तो पानी मिलने की सम्भावना ज्यादा है, वरना हर जगह गड़े हो जायेंगे पानी नहीं मिलेँगा। 😊 ( Instead of digging one foot at 100 places, dig 100 feet at one place. Chances are that you might get water)
  5. Once we find the Master, then there is no journey left! 🙏
  6. People do spiritual Shopping cause they don’t have faith. What ever logic you give to people, they are bound to do it. “Gyan ki pyaas tab tak raheti hai jab tak premi nahi bante. Aur Prem ki pyaas kabhi Puri nahi hot” (The thirst for knowledge remains as long as you have not found LOVE. And the thirst for LOVE never gets fulfilled.)
  7. Master is not a choice, for me he’s a love affair, and the day that happens, everthing flips.. 😊
  8. Ek saadhe – Sab sadhe, Sab saadhe – Sab jaaye. (When you seek one, you get everything ; when you seek all, you lose everything)

When you go for a picnic, adventure, movie, eating out, shopping, sight seeing or you just spend hours & hours with your best friends, it definitely feels great but finally when you reach back & enter your own house you instantly start feeling At HOME”, that’s exactly how it is. When you feel the presence of your Guru (Master), you feel that you have landed, you have arrived at your destination.

I have a word caution for all the aspiring Guru Shoppers : Finding a Guru is anyway neither your choice, nor in your control; it’s the Guru who finds you.

Good news: You don’t need to be get lost to be found.  😉

Credits : Bawa, Swami Vaishampayan, Swami Purnachaitanya, Darshak Ji, Vinaya Ji, Rajita Ji, Rishi Akash Ji, Kamlesh Ji, Milind Ji, Dilip Ji, Jigish Ji, Rohini Ji, Leena ji, Anjana Ji.



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  1. Wonderful! Bhaiya,thank you so much,being on this path I always feel like at home & I am so fortunate, my journey begins with your guidance!

  2. Wow wonderfully explained.
    Grateful to have guru in my master
    .jai guru dev

  3. Wow so clearly explained… thank you bhaiya

  4. JGD. Thanks for clearing doubt. This must be question to all. I am sure it will be get calrified

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