An Experience beyond experiencing!!

An Experience beyond experiencing!!

“Once upon a time, on the top of a hill,

I called for help, with all my will.

Turned around to walk down the road,

found a rose, along the floor.

It gave me a hope, Peace shall flow.

Happiness around, was all I found.

I entered the floor, an unrecognised door

that lead to a lot more.

Wanting to spread the precious gold,

I decided to let the days unfold.

Will do everything I can, for my Guru’s mission

ONE WORLD FAMILY, was HIS one strong vision.

The journey started with a deep wonder,

Leaving everything back, all I could do was surrender.

Scattered emotions washed off the sand,

That’s how you feel when nothing is in your hands.

With HIM not by my side,

Thought I was left alone in the fight.

But the warmth I felt with this man besides,

With every passing day, it ruled my life.

Saleel Pulekar was his name.

The one who was playing the game,

Rolling me into the precious lane.

Giving his all to me,

only to bring out the best in me.

Mentoring me through,

there was never a second when his smile went through.

‘Let the happening happen’, was his first whisper

With a wink of eyes, he made my life simpler.

The silent me smiled at the game.

‘There is nothing much we can do’ was his next whisper

And I kept smiling, again and again!

The happy me was loving those days,

For every second was full of waves.

I survived throughout smiling at the ray,

The unseen grace was the only possible way.


There could not have been a better journey than going through The Art Of Living Teacher Training Program. An altogether new dimension to life opened up with every passing day.

Sunaina Batra - Art of Living Teacher

Flying back home, something in me had flown away too. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows. The way the master led me through all of it is an experience beyond experiencing…a training beyond teaching. How an effortless effort can change your life. An unbelievable experience of this lifetime. Something that makes you see a glimpse of how wonderful this life can be if devoted for others.

Surviving the complementaries

Unknowingly accepting every moment that came by

Sharing the untouched

happily living the possible impossible.

I am unconditionally happy. Yes, I am..!


Committed to spread smiles on this planet… Could there be a better purpose to this life? There can be no words of thanks that can express my gratitude towards Gurudev, Saleel bhaiya, all my mentors and every single person I have come across in my life. I have learned immensely from each one of you.


An Experience beyond experiencing - Saleel Pulekar

Here is a new life with an expanded vision to spread this beautiful knowledge of Sudarshan Kriya to every corner of this world. More than everything else, what this program gave me personally can never be put down in words. In a small attempt to share my journey, all that I can ever say is, go through this training for yourself and LIVE the meaning of transformation. There can be no better learning than learning to be an Instrument of the Divine.


Jai Gurudev!



Sunaina Batra


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  1. Veryy nicee

  2. Superb… Sunaina.
    Thanks u unfolded the hidden feelings, that never found words to express..

  3. Great !

  4. Amazing share Sunaina and Saleel Bhaiya..

  5. Wowwwwwww Beautifully ✒ down. This s really touching!!!!

  6. तुषी कमाल हो ।

  7. Wow Sunaina, very beautifully written.Really Saleel bhaiya introduces us to a new vision of life, to make us as sharp as a knife.

  8. Beautiful…….!!

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