Assisting the Best DSN Ever.. A Snake,  A Balloon,  A Flower & A Smile.. !!

Assisting the Best DSN Ever.. A Snake, A Balloon, A Flower & A Smile.. !!

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A learning.. An experience.. An observation whatever you want to name it..
This weekend I got some free time and took the opportunity to assist the DSN sessions of Saleel Pulekar. It was full of learning and new experiences, but sharing here the most heart touching one..

Later on, post DSN, I was checking through the the photos and found two very contrasting photos of myself..

In one of these photos, I am holding something that people are normally averse, yes it’s a snake..and in the other one I am holding something that everyone normally loves – balloon and a flower..

But, in these contrasting photos..

The one common thing i noticed on my face is a SMILE… 🙂

And as I was looking at these photos, it dawned on me.. The Art of Living has taught me to keep that SMILE (which i believe is a sign of SUCCESS) be it a SNAKE in hand or a rose in my hand.. Whatever challenge or present life throws at me.. Come what may.. Mind will always be centered.. Equinamous and with a 🙂 on the face.

Holding that snake actually made me so cool and I felt the same amount of love and belongingness.. Fear was not even in the picture.. And my mind became still and calm and at the same time – ALERT, which is what a snake stands for.. ALERTNESS..


Ila Awate Snake

Looking back to before and when i did the Art of Living Program.. How I was.. The way i perceived things and handled situations..
And, now a few years (I wouldn’t say down the road).. Up the road.. It has been a 180 degree shift.. A transformation.. I am no more the same person.. There is so much love compassion.. Free flowing through me…. Being an instrument and sharing it..

I owe this to my Master my Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, my mentor Saleel ji, my first happiness teacher Arvind Thosar and so many other instruments of the master that HE sent my way with blessings and grace..


To conclude this new beginning…. I would say what i love about these two photos is… The SMILE..
And the wisdom that dawned :
Life throws adverse or favourable situation, always keep SMILING…. 🙃


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  1. Wonderful, serene, profound, exalted philosophy beautifully put forth. Keep sharing

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