I am going to DIE..

I am going to DIE..


This msg led me to thinking.. What would i really deep down want ppl to do or feel or behave when i die..

Before sharing the answer, I would like to share an experience close to my heart. I was deeply in meditation getting blessed with gayathri mantra. It so happened that here i got my mantra. With a total scientific explanation.. And post that i got a call from my home that during the same time as i was getting my mantra.. My grandma who was bed ridden for so many days passed away.. This happened last year..

Now i remember, what was the first thought in mind? What was the first feeling that came?
Did i feel sad? Or like crying.. Definitely not crying but a little sense of missing my grandma was there..
But a more dominant feeling than that was..
Finally she is free liberated.. I felt happy for her.. And i never felt she left.. She is always there blessing me.. And i accepted that she has moved on from this life.. Promoted to a much better place and i also felt very contented and happy.. And i decided to continue with my gayathri mantra as calmly and with a centered mind without an effort.. I felt she would be much more happy and benefitted with my meditation and would love that rather than me running home and crying over her left body..

I was amazed. Where did such power.. Such maturity come in me at such a young age? I didn’t expect this from myself.. Heheh..
And my grandma was the most spiritual person i know and the most practical as well.. So the gayathri mantra that i was taking, after hearing the news of her passing away.. I took it with even more reverence, as if it was a bye bye gift from her to tell me she will always keep blessing me.. What a learning and a realization that was… Wow! Still amazed…


So coming back to the main question…

The answer that came was:
When i die, or rather leave this body…

I definitely don’t want them to cry.. Nor have a hint of sorrow even.. They might miss me ofcourse.. But, Instead they should celebrate have a party.. Why? Coz i have fulfilled the purpose of this life and have moved on (being promoted 😉 to the next level…

Wow that’s a thrilling thought to have.. But on the other hand i find this v mature and to have this depth is only possible coz of meditation practice..

Total detachment from death.. And living in the Present Moment….

Now isn’t that a higher perspective of looking at life.. Isn’t that the #artofliving?

#WorkHard #PartyHarder

When we follow fun, misery follows us..
When we follow wisdom.. Fun follows us..

#Blessed #Blissed


Ila Awate…

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  1. The thoughts in this blog are profound, especially in a young person who, I must say, has grown beyond her years. And grown well in words and deeds too. Mabrook habibti

    1. 🙂

  2. i can sense what you are saying . I keep on talking about this but you are very lucky Ila , as you could experience this . keep sharing !!!

    1. Thanks Ujwal 🙂 jgd

  3. Amazing thoughts superbly put in words!!Gr8

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