The Golden days😊

The Golden days😊

We care thats why we share,

Wonders and glories of the lord
Which brought us together on the path
To smile to serve to laugh and play
To learn, unlearn for 100s of days

Saleel bhaiya got the vision
And he converted the idea into a mission
Soon the power got too vast
Coz the sight was wise and pace was fast.

Millions and millions wonder ‘why me?’
The army of us said ‘ try me?’
Talks and events and 1000s of task
With Music and fun,pure intensions in heart

Legs at work and song on the lip
Mind in a rush and priority worship!
Targets and deadlines were bhaiyas commands
Devotee or an employee …so many demands??

Fights and love together it went
With every new season DSN begins
The last week before rings the bell
200% work and success 10 percent

With every failure we take another vow
The next course will definitely overflow.
The laziness daws and the fun begins
We loose the track and again last week before’ rings a bell.’

In the chaos and drama and the movie of life
We are the lucky ones to have a guru in the plight
A mentor ,to scold, to love and coach ,using
Targets ‘ the tool’ to bring out the talent pool

Dhayari the place where the magic began
Which gave the best to us and the rest of all
The beauty, the power and the passionate surprise.

It might be a mess with chaos and no rest
But the place and the people and everything being missed!!

So live it to the fullest as the time wont return
Challenge ur gut To speak Your heart
Dont b afraid to fight
Coz you are going to shine bright.

The Golden Days - Anumeha Sathe

Love and love

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  1. Hahahhahaa Di….this is wt exactly we r going through n this is wt u hv lived n we r living … We r so fortunate being d part of Dhayari ashram … Laods of lv Di .. Miss u.

  2. Totally blessed and blissed.. Miss u here.. 🙂 🙂

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