Take Me With You

Take Me With You

“Someone judged you today,
I just couldn’t take it,
Since it was someone very close,
I had no option except to be patient but I just couldn’t fake it,
You’ve showed me a way to something I never knew existed,
Take me with you Guruji, I’ve been in this world before, my longing has been tested.

You’ve shown me a doorway to the place that lies beyond here,
You gave me success, helped me get rid of fear,
You blessings made me understand unconditional love’s meaning,
Take me with you Guruji, my heart is screaming.

I feel so blessed that I’ve known you in this lifetime of mine,
You’ve been the best thing that happened to me,
all of that which helped me shine,
Take me with you Guruji, I’ll walk the path you show,
I want this to be my last lifetime because I know there are better places to go.

Take me with you to the places which words can’t describe,
Take me with you to places which the human consciousness can’t imbibe,
Take me with you beyond life and death,
You’ve taught me to be joyful within, not caring if the next would be my last breath.

Take me with you where you know is right,
I want to walk with you through the light,
Take me where the enlightened ones have been,
Take me Guruji, beyond this flesh and skin”

~~ Pratish Mulay, Pune

Pratish Mulay

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