Sheila Ki Jawaani – Item Spirituality

Sheila Ki Jawaani – Item Spirituality

..Disclaimer: Yes, this disclaimer is needed at the top of the post. The following quote is responsible for whatever is written below.


Rooftop - Sheila Ki Jawaani

Why wait for a rooftop?
Why wait for 2AM?
Why wait for someone anyone?
And basically why worry?

Even a song like ‘Sheila Ki Jawaani’ holds this profound wisdom.


Sheila Ki Jawaani - Knowledge

And what follows is a result of a very fun oriented, stupid yet unexpectedly fruitful discussion. Just as we were sitting around the dinner table contesting whether to have ice cream or kulfi.. this song playing in the background.. someone said,” What a stupid song is this?”

I said, ” The world seems as you see it! Twist and see..”

Someone else challenged me, ” How can you connect this to wisdom?”

“Replay the song, wait and watch….”, I replied confidently, because thanks to my Guru Sri Sri, my mind focuses on the positive as what you focus on.. grows!

Ab dil karta hai huale haule se
Main khud ko gale lagaaun
Kisi aur ki mujhko zaroorat kya
Main to khud se pyaar jataaun

Isn’t life about loving oneself..
Embracing one self..
Life doesn’t wait.. Death doesn’t wait..

As referred above, this suddenly reminds of the song ‘Sheila Ki Jawaani’.. Yes! It does.. Shocked? What has an item song like sheila ki jawaani got to do with this..?

Well Katrina has twisted and turned quite a bit in that song, now let’s twist our perception a bit… Ready for a fresh roller coaster?

Look closely.. At the lyrics..

I know you want it
= A desire of the mind
But you never gonna get it
= what we want is hard to get
Tere hath kabhi naa aani
=we run behind things in lyf, huge bungalow, mercedes.. and in the process lose good health..
Maane na maane koi duniya ye saari
=u r aware or not the mind runs behind objects to seek pleasure
Mere ishq ki hai deewani (x2)
= the mind in love with sense pleasures.. Eating sleeping smelling tasting touch.


Ab dil karta hai huale haule se
Main khud ko gale lagaaun
=after meditating i feel like hugging myself..
Kisi aur ki mujhko zaroorat kya
=do i need anyone else, i am not emotionally dependent on anyone nor am i a beggar of love anymore..
Main to khud se pyaar jataaun
= i m in love with the self, for we all are one..

What’s my name?
what’s my name?
what’s my name?
My name is Sheila, Sheila ki Jawani
=sheila.. The mind..
I am too sexy for you
= it is too twisted..
Main tere haath na aani
=the mind camt be handled easily
No no no no Sheila, Sheila ki Jawani
I am too sexy for you
Main tere haath na aani
=can the mind be handled at the level of the mind.. No. No..

Silly silly silly boys
= many of us silly unwise beings..
Mujhe follow follow karte hain
= follow the mind blindly
Ho.. jab unki taraf dekho
=the mind just demands
Baatein haule haule karte hain
=and we gladly oblige
Hai magar be-asar mujh pe har paintra
=nothing works wen it comes to handle the mind.. We become its slaves..

Haaye re! aise tarse humko
=the self is troubled
ho gaye sau arse re
Sookhe dil pe megha banke
=on the heart tired and dried up of this world, covered in clouds of darkness..
teri nazariya barse re..
=the helpless self just looks upon, not knowing what to do, how to handle the mind..

I know you want it
= we are all after happiness
But you never gonna get it
=but the mind only promises happiness
Tere hath kabhi naa aani
=just creates an illusion of happiness not the real bliss.
Sheila, Sheila ki Jawani
I am too sexy for you
Main tere haath na aani
No no no no Sheila, Sheila ki Jawani
I am too sexy for you
Main tere haath na aani

Paisa gaadi Mehanga ghar
=the Happiness of the mind is alwags dependent on the above.
I need a man who can give me all that
=the mind Needs reason for happiness
Jebein khali fateechar
No, no, I don’t like it like that
=mind will run away from discomfort and seek comfort..

Chal yahan se nikal tujhe sab la dunga
=and our soul keeps saying to us.. Stop falling pray to the mind, and u will get everything..
Kadmo me tere la ke jag rakh dunga
=the whole universe will be at ur feet
Khwab main kar dunga poore na rahenge adhoore
=those connected with their soul, self whatevr u name it, all their desires r taken care of
You know I am gonna love you like that
=the soul the self is beyond the comprehension of the mind.
Bus experience karne ki deri hai.

Is worrying going to solve the root cause..?
Life is but an illusion. Sounds French?
Go watch Matrix.. Go watch Inception.. All inspired by our ancient science text books by the names – Yog Vashishtha, Ashtavakra Geeta, etc etc.. (more about this in the coming blog post)
Would you ever in ur life look at this item song the same way again? Had u thought an item song had such profound wisdom hidden in it?
Well, meditation has polished my perspective and cleared my vision to search for the best even in the adverse of any given situation, to make it favorable or to drop it at that..

Ab samjhe…??
Ab dil karta hai huale haule se
Main khud ko gale lagaaun
Kisi aur ki mujhko zaroorat kya
Main to khud se pyaar jataaun

Having a loving smile in any situation is for me a sign of real success, rest worldly ‘normal’ success follows as a by product..

Meditation, Sudarshan kriya did it for me and many millions others around world..
Including our fav Hollywood and bollywood stars, business tycoons, beaurocrats, officers, governments corporates, students, etc..

Do you think you are that much into Sheila (mind 😉 that it (Meditation, Sudarshan kriya) will fail on you?

So what are you waiting for?
The Art of Living Happiness Program and more has really twisted my perspective.. Even better than Sheila i would say..

Let’s get connected to the Self..

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  1. Approach TOI to write weekly column abt such things, nice blog.

  2. Beautiful 🙂

  3. Superb, sublime, profound, positive, pacifying, uniquely beautiful and amazing as always when it is from you! Keep sharing. Best wishes, Stay blessed, blissed and let success & fun be with you always.

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