Art of Living VTP Volunteer Training Program

Art of Living VTP Volunteer Training Program

Who should do the Art of Living VTP – Volunteer Training Program?

1. Anyone who has done the Happiness/YesPlus/YLTP program should do VTP. You need to attend one Advance/Part2/AMP before attending VTP.

2. Anyone who wants to experience one more powerful offering of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar should do VTP

3. Anyone who wishes to become a powerful, impactful, productive, efficient and effective Volunteer should do VTP

Powerful Art of Living VTP Volunteer Training Program

4. You need NOT want to become an Art Of Living TEACHER to do VTP

Why should one do the Art of Living’s VTP Volunteer Training Program?

1. It’s a program designed by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for the upliftment of the individual and society.
Just like any other course of Art Of Living VTP has its own unique merits – a lot of transformation tools, techniques, processes, games, knowledge and the infinite GRACE of GURUDEV.

If this reason is enough you need not read the below reasons…😁

2. VTP attends to the different aspects of one’s personality, mainly:

A. Effective Communication
Apart from covering aspects like body language, voice modulation, content etc in great detail, VTP enhances the three fundamental aspects of communication, namely perception, observation n expression

communication Art of Living VTP Volunteer Training Program

B. Conviction
Clarity, energy and intensity

C. Negotiation Skills
Push v/s Pull strategies, build up of any talk, making the pitch, knowing when n how to play the trump card and very important – the Closure

D. Role of psychology in various human behaviors, both personal and professional.

E. Confidence building techniques

confidence Art of Living VTP Volunteer Training Program
3. VTP builds the Shadsampatti – 6 wealths
Shama – Say over body
Dama – Say over mind/senses
Titiksha – Forbearance
Uparathi – Ability to enjoy
Shraddha – Faith
Samadhan – Contentment

4. VTP builds a strong spiritual foundation of your life

5. VTP offers a platform & launchpad to serve society thereby making you usefulsocial skills Art of Living VTP Volunteer Training Program

6. VTP allows you to connect & network with many other Sadhaks, Sevaks & Satsangees from all over the city/state/nation.

7. VTP serves as a Bada Recharge by allowing you to spend 4 full days in the unconditionally loving environment of the Master’s Presence, Grace & Knowledge

8. Like a clogged brooklet when freed, meets a tributary to become a river n eventually meets the ocean, VTP becomes a connecting link to a new realm of infinite possibilities for a more celebrative & empowered personal as well as professional life.

9. Unlike other programs or workshops VTP is a full fledged Training which harnesses the untapped energy, enables blossoming of hidden talents & polishes n sharpens various skills.

Find-Your-Hidden-Talents Art of Living VTP Volunteer Training Program

10. VTP is an opportunity to connect n spend time with and learn from one or more highly experienced ArtOfLiving Teacher, Facilitator, Trainer, Mentor & Life Coach as well as other participants from various educational n socio-eco-cultural backgrounds.


Love 😍

Jai Gurudev
Saleel Pulekar

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