What’s the difference between Responsibility and Duty?

What’s the difference between Responsibility and Duty?


I want to do it I have to do it
Accountability to self or cause Accountability to someone else
Natural and Effortless Resistance and Effort
Proposed by Self Imposed by Other
Expressed out of Love Done out of Greed or Fear
Increase Love Creates Burden
Charming and Enjoyable Dry and Mechanical
Expands Ties you down
Boosts Creativity Restricts Creativity
Adventure Problem
Look forward to it Tend to postpone it
Frees from Doer-ship Brings Doer-ship
Melts Ego Solidifies Ego
Easier to Transcend Comfort Zone Struggle, Friction
Expectations Drop Demands Increase
Is inspired Action Motivated by some want

There is no Beauty in duty.

The ignorant allow situations to enforce or thrust responsibility on them and perform it as a duty. The wise perform their duty too with an attitude of Responsibility. Duty captivates you, responsibility liberates you.

Love, Saleel

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  1. Awesome artickle (Tickles the intellect)

  2. Wow. Beautifully clarified doubts. Transcending from duty to responsibility is a treaty to bring about inside beauty.

  3. Very well written!

  4. Ooh I understand now clear difference between Responsibility and Duty and how th should use in right way.
    Base of duty should be responsibility.
    Duty perform under right guidance.

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