Separation is indicative of sadness. Nobody likes being separated from their loved ones. Not even animals and birds. On the other hand, when two people who love each other, meet, it brings celebration.

We see that in plenty in nature too. A bee on the flower, the sun meeting the horizon, the rain drops meeting a parched field, the river meeting the ocean, a cow meets it’s calf, etc.

However, there is a difference in the celebration experienced in the meeting of two apparently real entities, and that of the mind meeting the spirit. In this case, one is illusory and the other is real.

As long as you see them as two, you want to unite. When you realise that it’s already one, the question of unity drops.

Liberation exists only as long as bondage is considered real. A wave which has forgotten it is the ocean, feels an expansion when it merges back into the ocean.

Enlightenment is not a learning process, it’s an unlearning process. To realise Who I am, I need to drop who I am Not!

The ignorant need something to happen outside in order to celebrate. The wise connect within and realise that they are celebration.

So you need not look for a reason, a party, to celebrate. Realise that you are celebration and become the reason of the party.

That’s being a real celebrity 😀


Saleel Pulekar

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