Liars – Independence Day – Are we truly Independent of the West?

Liars – Independence Day – Are we truly Independent of the West?

Here’s a post by my dear wife – ila. I am so happy on this day – many years ago, 71 to be precise – we India, got Independence from the Britishers.

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English, English, English

But, as I write this in English, because that’s what I am fluent in ( I am ashamed to say). Again because that’s what has become a basic need today – English medium schools, and speaking fluent English, I really doubt if we are independent from the WEST in general.

Looking attractive in western wear:

One of my friends was telling me, “Yaar us din mein indian dress me chali gayi to waha ke office me mujhe bhaav hi nahi diya, bhagaa diya. 2 din baad mein mast western one piece me gayi toh bus mera kaam ho gaya” . (are we kidding and fooling ourselves, it has come to this now ) I also own western wear, but this discrimination is hilarious and sad at the same time.

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My craving for Sanskrit:

This doubt knocks strongly when, today, I yearn to learn Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the supposedly most scientific language, which originated in India, and was known to majority of Indians ‘back then’. This is the language which they say is best suited for computer programming, how exactly I don’t know, but yes I have seen it that they do, that’s for sure, even NASA uses it.

This doubt again knocks stronger when I train brilliant students (yet low self confidence) to speak English only so that they can get admission in Europe, Australian and even American Universities. Once there, most of them work and earn and pay for their expenses (reminds me of gurukul system). All we have today is forgotten remains of Universities like Takshashila, & Nalanda from where they stole our data.

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Beer Yoga, Nude yoga, is it really Yoga?

I do sometimes feel a little lost, in this ‘independent’ yet westernised India.
What are the westerner’s taking from us? – Yoga, meditation – it is one of the largest booming industries in US and UK both. Here our youth and even sorry to say also the old are literally subconsciously trained to laugh, disregard and sometimes even demean yoga & meditation, which in fact is the best scientifically proven solution for many things.

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Yoga is not merely a physical exercise. Here’s What Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says about yoga, how it originated in India and yet, belongs to the entire humanity. Yoga today is a global phenomenon that has assumed various new forms and styles, many of which focus as rigorously on achieving that coveted body frame as your local gym. However, the deviation dilutes the higher purpose behind the practice of yoga- to move from the outer appearance to inner peace. More than a workout, yoga is work within! In words of Yoga Guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, “Yoga is not just exercise, it is how skilfully you communicate, how skilfully you act in any given situation.” “Yoga is skill in action”, says Krishna in Bhagavad Gita.

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And what do we take from the west?
Jeans, suits, coats?

Did we know that jeans and suits were made for cold countries. Those people, when in India, at least the ones I have met, refuse to wear jeans and suits in India. In fact, they have a hearty laugh when they see Indians wearing jeans and suits in a tropical nation like India even in summers. And, here i feel pity for those poor executives who HAVE TO wear coats and suits in even the most hot weather just so that they are not fired? Many youth have to run to fertility clinics to solve issues because of tight jeans. I found a nice discussion here. Are we having a wrong business attire, wear ‘Indian kurta’ to office on a normal day and heads will turn in sarcasm.

Ties and cuffs?

Did we know that ties and cuffs were first made for soldiers to wipe their noses, so they would save time of having to take out their handkerchiefs while fighting. 😀 Wearing a tie also obstructs and reduces blood supply to the brain. The British Medical Association, in 2006, had also appealed to doctor’s to stop wearing ties.

Such blind following and taking all the other harmful things? And we are celebrating independence from what?

Are we individually still allowing them to rule us? To rule our minds & intellect?

Yes, i think so when we give more value to something when it is said by the western scientists. Why do we believe something only when we see the Westerners doing or saying it? They have accepted that they refer our scriptures anyway. Still we require a stamp of the west to validate anything and everything, why is it so?

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The Uselessness of Turmeric 

First they said turmeric is useless, then we also said it is useless, our eyes only opened when they patented it, and then we fought back! Still ‘Turmeric Latte’ excites us but not ‘haldi doodh’

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Stealing of Toothpastes & soaps:

Their toothpastes were launched which totally disregarded the Indian herbs, they not only changed, but made us disrespect our own good habits. Now, lately since few years ago, they have introduced mint, neem, red oxides and cloves and other herbs traditionally known and used by Indians since ages. They even tried to patent it. And we think wow! Haha. Same with ‘ubtan’ and ‘multani mitti’.

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Mis-credited in our viciously manipulated history and science books:

It makes me feel sad when the world today credits the invention of airplanes to Wright brothers, when in fact it was an Indian invention stolen and re-credited, same with the discovery of the earth being round, the big bang theory and many more. You might want to read some more such well researched interesting and concept breaking facts about India by the brand – Bharath Gyan – here.

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There are many more such instances which I can post here, but, then, it would be a never-ending post.

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I really doubt if they are still ruling us – not out our land, but through our minds and intelligence or the lack of it.

Only take the good things from them, yes why not? (if they have not taken it from us first and re-credited it to themselves :D)
Like my guru says – take teamwork from the Japanese, take precision & quality from the Germans, marketing & negotiation from Americans, mannerisms & etiquettes from the British, fashion from the French, human values & spirituality from India. (Sri’ Sri’s blog)

Let us be proud of India and our roots, our age old education systems, make an effort to read our scriptures base our researches on that, not blindly believe the manipulated history that we are presented with, not blindly follow the west. 

Some service projects you can join in-

At least that’s what I pledge today. Like Sri Sri says – ‘Stop complaining, start living’ .

Now, I can say Happy Independence Day!

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  1. Well written Ila, but I think what we got seven decades back was independence from the British authority not the mindset. The present day and age beckons for interdependence.. Independence, I believe has more to do with our psyche nowadays…so a person wearing a western outfit could be more ‘swadesi’ than one in an Indian dress 🙂 let’s not ‘measure’ a person’s patriotism by his veshbhoosha, alone…

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